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Danielle DiPrima - La Salon Bianca | Rochester, NY


Danielle DiPrima, Salon Coordinator, Stylist/ Nail Technician

Danielle graduated Continental School of Beauty in 2004. As a licensed Cosmetologist and nail technician she has been in the education side of the industry for the last 8 years, teaching at both Continental and Empire Beauty School. She served as the Executive Director of Empire's Rochester campus from 2015-2017, during which time she served on the board to revise the NYS nail curriculum for schools. Joining our team as Salon Coordinator, she will be going back behind the chair 1 day a week to continue sharing her passion with her clients, especially her love of perms! "This industry is in my blood. I remember going to the "beauty parlor" every Saturday when I was little with my grandma, for her set and comb out, and I would play with the wigs and sweep the shop for Anne. That's where my love of the business began..."