10 Curly Cues

If you have curly hair and your stressed out from all the bad hair days, we understand...
It can be very difficult to manage!!
The frizz, the breakage, the dryness, the dullness...
Some days you find yourself asking, "is there a way to make my hair more manageable?!"
Well here are some of the best tips and tricks from our top selling brand and leading innovators within the beauty industry- Eufora International.

1.) HANDS OFF CURLY LOCKS: Running your hands through curls and waves disrupts the curl pattern and creates dreaded frizz.

2.) BAN THE BRUSH: Brushing curls results in a frizzy, dull finish. A wide thoothed comb should be your go to detangling tool.

3.) BLOT DRY- DON'T RUB: freshly cleansed curls should be gently scrunched or blotted with a microfiber towel. Never rub dry.

4.) STAY HYDRATED: Use a great moisturizing conditioner. Hydrated curls are more manageable, soft and shiny.

5.) CUSTOMIZE: When it comes to curls, there are many different kinds and one size does not fit all. Be sure to ask your stylist to help select a daily care regimen perfect for your unique curls.

6.) TURN DOWN THE HEAT: Curly hair is very vulnerable to damage from hot tools, so allow curls to airdry. if you must blow-dry, use a diffuser on low or medium heat (Ditto for curling irons or straighteners)

7.) THE EXTRA TLC: Every curly girl needs a weekly moisture ritual. Indulge yourself and make time for a deep conditioning treatment to strengthen and moisturize.

8.) SUPPLMENT YOUR SHINE: Twists and tunnels of curly hair don't reflect as much light as straight hair, making curls look dull and dry. For curls that look shiny, healthy and frizz free, add a great shine product such as an oil.

9.) COCKTAIL TIME: Cocktailing products helps you find the perfect regime for your hair! Experiment and invent your unique curly cocktail or ask your stylists for best practices.

10.) SNIP IT- SNIP IT REAL GOOD: Keeping curly hair well- manicured will help eliminate frizzy ends, and an expert cut will ensure you make the most of your personal curl pattern and texture.