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March/April 2017

Healthy Edge Magazine

Spring will be here before we know it and I don’t know about you, but to me spring means COLOR! There’s no better way to break out of the doldrums and drab greys of winter than with an infusion of color in your life and it starts with your hair! Here are some of the fantastic trends you’ll be seeing on the runways and in the fashion mags. This year is all about warmth and comfort, with soft coppers, rich browns, buttery blonds, and creamy oranges. Even Riawna Capri, who I follow religiously on Instagram, the colorist that keeps stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Julianne Hough in icy platinum shades — told us that the future is far from cool. “Out with the ice and in with the warmth!” says Capri, “2017 is going to bring back the sun, with golds, bronzes, and buttery tones!” I personally can’t wait to warm everyone’s hair back up, it does wonders for your mood and it instantly brightens up your face too! 1)“Aubrown” A mix between auburn and brown, this hue is rich, luxe, and glossy. Think of it as a deep and inky take on bronze — with a reflection of auburn in the sun. 2) “Buttery Blonde” It is a perfect upgrade for anyone looking to warm up their blond while maintaining natural-looking color. 3) “Toffee” Get comfortable, because “bronde,” a blend of bronze and blonde, is here to stay — but the newest versions are richer, with caramel tones and a warm, almost auburn base. 4) “Blorange” You already know about “blorange” — the mesmerizing mix of blonde and orange that’s been becoming more popular. 5) Organic Reds Everyone’s talking about Reds this season. This iteration is everything we want: vibrant but natural looking and super shiny with tons of dimension. Whether you’re blonde, brunette, or a red head there is a trend that would work for you. I offer a complimentary consultations where we can discuss what would work best for you based on skin tone, maintenance, and your life style. Stay Beautiful! 

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