Eufora Hero Regimen


Rejuvenate your hair, skin, and scalp with this eufora Hero regimen! Eufora's Complete Shampoo provides Amino Acid technology, to aid in moisture, shine, and color protection. After shampooing, follow up with the Revitalizing Treatment - a moisturizing conditioner that soothes irritation caused from dry hair and scalp and decreases sebum production on the scalp. This conditioner will gently exfoliate the scalp (with finely milled Charcoal) to minimize flaking. After shampooing and conditioning, use Scalp Rescue - a vitamin-infused scalp spray, essential for healthy scalp and hair growth! Aloe stem cells in this product help promote oxygen to the scalp, reducing follicle asphyxia, so that you can keep your hair healthier and for longer!