Chelsey Weaver,


Chelsey graduated from the Continental School of Beauty in 2016 with a license in Cosmetology. She has had a passion for the beauty industry since she was a young girl, and this passion has led her to pursue a career in this field. In 2020, she began her career at La Salon Bianca as a receptionist and was quickly promoted to Salon Coordinator. She has been grateful for the opportunities she has been afforded and the valuable knowledge she has gained in such a short time. In her spare time, Chelsey enjoys playing guitar and meditating. Recently, she has taken up epoxy resin crafting as a way to express herself creatively. She also has a beloved dog named Callie, who is a mix of Cavalier King Charles and Shiba Inu. Lastly, Chelsey is an avid fan of Taylor Swift, so don't be surprised if you find her sporting some Taylor Swift merchandise!